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Reviews of RJS Heating & Air Inc


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RJS was originally referred to me by a friend, and it's been about 8-10 years later they still continue to service my AC unit twice a year, and make sure all is in working order.  I like that they can complete any repairs big or small, on the spot - if they have the part, or a pretty quick turn around, if they have to order it. 



I have been a customer of RJS for over 5 years. They've replaced an AC unit, and now perform yearly maintenance on my gas and AC units. The service has always been professional, and the expense is very reasonable. I trust them, and that alone speaks volumes.



Product or service reviewed: Yearly Service Contract

We have utilized these guys for approx. five years, enjoying courteous professional service with cost efficient solutions when required. They have responded quickly and are always available for questions. I do recommend RJS and will renew our contract.....


ERIC is Numero Uno. He is a trusted family friend. I don't have to worry or follow him around to check on things.
It's a very comfortable feeling given these times of so many giving poor service.



Thank you for the prompt service. We are so thankful to be staying cool w/o worrying about our AC unit's efficiency and reliability.



Product or service reviewed: Dx and evaluation and replacement of AC blower mot

First experience with company and staff. Very professional and courteous. Made first visit late the PM I called and only had to have a second visit, the next day due to having to replace a part that had to be ordered. The service representative was courteous, prompt and professional. He handled each visit expediently and spent approximately 45 minutes at each visit. I am very pleased with my total contact with company and staff and especially my service person Adam. Would highly recommend to anyone needing air condition and heating professional work done.

Thank you for the wonderful service!



My specialty in the Navy was Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. When I bought this house, I knew my heat pump would probably last for a while, but that it was unpredictable as to when it would break as it was at that age. I was given my first quote by someone who told me I had to hurry, that it would break any day and used high pressure sales techniques to try and sell me a cheap unit for an exorbitant price. I started googling BBB A+ accredited businesses and found a business RJS Heating and Air. It had all sorts of nice sophisticated equipment unlike what the other company had offered. I called for an estimate.

A gentleman named Bryan Adams arrived in a timely manner and was extremely polite. He came off as a REAL person unlike the other salesman and knew about refrigeration theory. He also agreed with me that my unit would last for a while and talked me out of buying the most expensive unit. There was no pressure and Bryan saved me money as I was like a kid in a candy store since I love sophisticated machines. I chose the Carrier Performance series with the wireless thermostat. I have been very impressed with Carrier over the years and knew that was the brand I wanted. The price was fair. During the entire process Bryan and the owner, Rhonda, treated me with respect and they both were nothing but friendly, professional, reasonable, and responsive. When I dealt with Rhonda, she impressed me as an intelligent, casual, yet sophisticated lady with confidence in her business and the people she hires. Throughout the process she managed to know what was going on through her strong relationship with her technicians without micromanaging, and it was clear that she has a management style that works well.

When install day came, I thought it would be delayed because of all of the rain we had had… but they surprised me by being right on time. As soon as Jamey, the senior tech opened the back of his truck I was impressed and relieved at the same time. I could tell he was tidy, organized, knowledgeable, and professional by the way he maintained his tools, spare parts, and work environment. He was perfect. The other tech named Glenn, who was paired with Jamey, listened to how Jamey wanted to do things and I saw nothing but harmony and smooth communication between the two. Almost without speaking, they seemed to know what each would do. The demo was neatly completed within the hour before it got too hot and the install began, which is where I saw decades of talent and experience at work from BOTH of the technicians. The attic was the worst part of the job, but Glenn never complained or came down until the job was done while maintaining his cheerful attitude. They never got tired. I was very pleased with the rate at which the job progressed and when it was all over, Jamey assisted me with pairing the thermostat to my iPhone. I hadn’t expected that level of service and was impressed the whole time with his level of intellect and expertise, which far surpassed that of many of my co-workers over the years. I loved the way he was so organized, efficient, and tidy. I was not only immediately impressed with EACH and EVERY person from this company, but also CONTINUED to be impressed with EACH and EVERY interaction I had. The technicians were done before close of business and I was left amazed with a sparkling new Carrier unit that screamed capacity cooling my house down with ease and purring quietly in my attic and backyard. I am impressed with the low noise level of this new unit and at the performance it has shown as it handled the high heat load generated throughout the day with grace, so I know it was sized perfectly for my house. My home was left without a trace of dirt or packaging material! I still can’t believe how thoughtful, professional, intelligent, sophisticated, and confident these people are. What could have been a nightmare was such a genuine pleasure. This company and the people who work there shine brightly when compared to the other options I was presented with in Wilmington. Very impressed and happy!!!


The service was good. They were very easy to work with and very friendly. I certainly recommend them. The servicing was like $75 and the full system install was close to $6,000 but there was some rebate so it came to about $5,000. It was over the Christmas holiday and I was expecting it should take a long time, but they worked around the holiday as far as getting out and getting in prior to the end of the year and deduct all the rebates. They were really great about working out when they can get out there and being flexible. Their price was comparable. They were competitive with anybody else around. The quality was good. I have no concerns about them.


He arrived a few minutes early! He spent time in the attic where part of the unit is and also outside where the rest of it is. He explained the ages of the inside and outside machinery. No other company had explained that one part was much newer than the other. He explained how I could tell if I needed to change the air filter. Quite simply, it appeared to be clean because I could see through it. I had the service provider check the vent in one of my rooms because I thought the vent must be closed. He explained that the vent was open but that due to the location of the room next to my hot garage, the one vent probably wasn't adequate. I was very pleased with RJS Heating and Air, Inc. and plan to use their services in the future.


When I called, they asked that I check something on my fusebox to make to sure it was something that I couldn't fix. They came out within a day, and fixed the problem. I felt that they were very honest and did a great job.


They were so helpful during the inspection that I called them when the condenser on my AC unit failed. They came out in a reasonable amount of time and did the repair. This firm is very reliable.

I was completely satisfied and would hire this company again, 


The check up, as usual with this company, was thorough, professional, on-time, fast and neat. RJS installed both my systems several years ago. I completely rely on their judgement and work and have never been disappointed...ever. Every single interaction with these people, from calls for help (rare) to scheduling, has been exceptional. I highly recommend them for major installations and for service.


Technician (Kevin) was very punctual and professional. As he inspected the system, he explained what he was doing as he was doing it, and giving helpful care tips as he went along. At my request, he installed a digital thermostat. Also at my request, he explained and established a maintenance agreement. Excellent work!


Just in from summer vacation, I arrived to an unair-conditioned home. Needless to say, I felt I needed another vacation! A vacation from a hot home. Fortunately, RJS was literally across the street servicing one of the elderly homeowners in my neighborhood. Paul was very professional asking me to call into the office to speak with Nicole. Nicole rapidly scheduled me in. I am a repeat customer but this is the first timelooking up the service provider on Angie's List. I am pleased that other customers rated this company's service superior, giving me an opportunity to consider using RJS again.


In the middle of a heat wave, our central A/C unit stopped working. We are on vacation and dont know anyone in the area. Thank God for Angies list. We called RJS and received a call back in less than an hour. Technician Paul showed up on time. Paul is proffessional , friendly and very knowledgeable. He went to work immediately, explained prices and recomended a service plan (which we will be getting on monday) and double checked our system before he left. RJS's prices are reasonable and the service is superior. We highly recommend.


Our relatively new (less than 3 years old) packaged AC/Heating unit was not blowing cool air. The service technician was able to come out the following day and arrived right on time, was professional and courteous.. I appreciate the fact that he provided us an estimate of the cost to add additional refrigerant prior adding, and was upfront about the additional cost to perform a leak test necessary to further diagnose the problem. The technician was able to get the unit back in working order and provided an unofficial, rough estimate, of the cost to have the unit permanently repaired. I was contacted the following day by the office and received a full estimate over the phone and also provided, via email, a breakdown of each associated cost. I will be scheduling the repair service with RJS as soon as the part arrives from the AC manufacturer and expect that the future service will continue to be professional and timely.


Our outside AC unit was not running at all, only the inside fan worked. We looked up RJS on Angie's list and contacted them about the problem. The office person was very friendly. A technician was out that afternoon. He brought a trainee with him. They were able to determine the problem in approximately 10 mins and had the part replaced within another 20, all that with a trainee. He explained what the problem was (the replaced part was a capacitor, not sure of the spelling) before fixing it. We felt the price was reasonable and we were cooled down within an hour. Would definitely recommend them to others!


I have used this company, RJS, previous to this purchase and installation for sporadic service on our old unit and was always pleased with their service and pricing. When it came time to replace our 26 year old heat pump, naturally I wanted to get an estimate for replacement from them. The owner, who is also the president of the company, came to measure our space requirements for a new unit, present the available options, discuss pricing, time limits, and available rebates and federal tax credits. She totally made us feel at ease and presented the material and answered all of our questions in a very professional way. We did not feel one bit pressured ! After weighing all of our options and looking at the other estimates we had received, we felt most comfortable going with RJS because of the quality of the equipment they offer, the reliability of the company, and also because we felt they were the most honest and professional company we received estimates from.

On the scheduled day of the installation the two service techs arrived punctually and proceeded to get right to work removing the old equipment and installing the new. They had the area cleaned up and the new heat pump up and running within 5 hours! We are very pleased with the new heat pump! Everything the owner told us about the equipment, from how quiet it is to how much more efficient it is, is true. We couldn't be more pleased and would definitely recommend RJS!


I interviewed 3 companies and got their estimates. All offered solutions in the same price ranges (8-10K) for what I wanted. The first thing that differentiated RJS was that the evaluation and offerings were presented by the President of the company, Rhonda Reuter. She is not only technically competent and understands all aspects of the equipment and the project, but she also explains everything clearly, straightforwardly and with minimal 'sales' speak. Above all, she listens intently and remembers everything we discussed, including even that we had company in the house on day 1. The communication throughout the company is exceptional. The crew knew what I had talked to the President about, the boss knew what I had talked to the crew about, and Rhonda checked in with us each day. The removal of the old equipment and installation of the new went perfectly from my perspective; the crew was experienced, professional, courteous and thorough and briefed me on all aspects of progress. They worked smart and were incredibly responsive. Finally, cleanliness--no one from the company comes in the house without booties to protect from tracking dirt inside...ever! A small point, but it is indicative of the total professional approach RJS has. One other thing: financing. The major system RJS uses approved my financing on the spot. The interest rates were very nice and it was great to know we were a go from the moment we made the buy decision. These folks are incredible! I have found my Heat/AC company! Call them, you will be glad you did.


I decided to replace my HVAC, which included a 30 year old air handler and very leaky duct work, to take advantage of the tax credits. Although RJS priced a bit higher than the other companies I got quotes from, they provided the most complete and detailed quote I had seen. Plus it was provided quickly (other companies took almost a week). All of my questions were answered promptly and thoughtfully. They genuinely seem to care about their customers. The workers were very considerate and knowledgeable. With the duct work, the entire installation took 1.5 days, but I thought the installation was done well and efficiently. I am happy with the equipment and the company and will use them again in the future.